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We keep it secured until

it’s ready to be returned to you.


When you stay with Accommod8u, you best settle in for the most dependable relationship of your life; we will protect what is yours, even if you forget about it. Because with Accommod8u, we're here to help. 

Has this happened to you?

How does it work?
Getting your key deposit back is as easy as 1-2-3! 
Accommod8u has your back, so that means we make getting your key deposit back as easy as can be. Simply:  

  1. Move-out on time

  2. Perform a move-out inspection 

  3. Return your original keys 

That's it! Accommod8u will mail your key deposit safely to you.  

Terms and Conditions

Key deposits are processed within 30days of the end of the lease date to allow our accounting and administrative team sufficient time to process and verify that all keys returned are the keys issued at the start of the tenancy and are in working order. If there are any damage or other charges on account residents can elect to have the leasing team at their direction off set this charges with the balance from the key deposits.

The final decision is at the discretion of Accommod8u. To learn more please contact


Key deposits process does not apply to advertising errors.

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